Look Xm16

Look XM 16 binding

kr. 2990,-

This premium binding is sold as the SALOMON or SCOTT Guardian, LOOK XM and  ATOMIC Tracker changed the way skiers approach and enjoy the backcountry. It is designed to provide the highest level of confidence, efficiency, and feel in downhill performance for a heightened skiing experience. The binding’s Low Profile Chassis features a lower stand height for greater stability and enhanced terrain feedback, and the Oversized Platform enables maximum power transmission and responsiveness for quick and more precise turns.

Some key features:

  • the most convenient and time-saving transition from hiking to riding
  • greater transition efficiency
  • Hike & Ride Switch, which is easily engaged with your ski pole
    ( it is no longer necessary to remove your skis when switching between hiking and riding modes)
  • low stance of only 26mm
  • 2 level climbing heels
  • set up value 7 up to 16!
  • recommended Riders weight: + 65kg
  • brakes for waist of 115mm included.
    130mm brakes are available on an extra charge of only 39.- Euro
  • Weight: 2960gr (Pair!)

Pris før: 3 990,-   pris nå: 2 990,-

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