Winter Program 2014/15

At the Filefjellstuene Lodge you will find both a restaurant and a bar. Throughout the entire winter season, we host a variety of both larger & smaller events.

See below for our schedule of events.

Remember that the Filefjellstuene Lodge is available daily throughout the winter season for all your event planning needs. Please contact us to plan your personalized event now.

The schedule below also includes our Après Ski bar, Reint Bord along with our on mountain dining restaurant at the base of the mountain resort, the Varmestøga.

Check out our winter program for the entire destination - here.

After ski, bar og restaurant vinter 2014/15
27.Dec 15:30 After ski
28.Dec 15:00 Familie-afterski/Barnequiz
28.Dec 21:00 Barquiz
29.Dec 19:00 Fondueaften
10.Jan 15:30 After ski
17.Jan 15:30 After ski
24.Jan 15:30 After ski
31.Jan 15:30 After ski
07.Feb 15:30 After ski
14.Feb 15:30 After ski
19.Feb 19:00 Fondueaften
21.Feb 12:00 After ski m. premier Lg.
21.Feb 15:30 After ski
26.Feb 19:00 Fondueaften
28.Feb 12:00 After ski m. premier Lg.
28.Feb 15:30 After ski
07.Mar 15:30 After ski
14.Mar 15:30 After ski
21.Mar 15:30 After ski
28.Mar 12:00 After ski m. premier Lg.
28.Mar 15:30 After ski