The mountain trout in Tyin is famous for its size and quality, which makes Lake Tyin a very attractive place for fishing. 

Since fishing at Lake Tyin can be done from the shore, it makes it easily accessible by car from the rest areas surrounding the lake and also by parking at the designated parking lots. Generally speaking, it is difficult to predict where the trout are in the lake, so keep an eye out for where they are jumping or surfacing.

Only landowners can fish with nets at Lake Tyin. Please observe and keep your distance from all fishing nets.

The Tyavassdraget regulates Lake Tyin. The water level will therefore vary.

Permits to fish at Lake Tyin and more information about which lures to use can be found at the  Filefjellstuene Lodge, where you can also stay and dine during your stay at Tyin-Filefjell.

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