Kite Skiing Course

Welcome to Kite Skiing at Tyin-Filefjell 

Why not take the wind in the mountains and turn it into something positive? Join us today! Learn the forces of nature, get a good workout and use your skis like you never have before. Explore a new way of skiing you never imagined possible. Our kite courses are instructed on the beautiful glacial lakes around Tyin-Filefjell. 

For those unfamiliar with the sport, kite skiing uses kites similar to a small paraglider to pull yourself across open frozen lakes and snow covered terrain in the winter. We will teach you all the different ways to control yourself and gain speed through using the wind. 

In the beginner course, we will use an easy and secure environment to take you through all the basics of kite skiing. 

General Information about the kite: 

* Rigging a kite
* Adjusting lines
* Ratios between the front lines & the brake lines
* Knots & loops

* Kite structure
* How a kite flies
* Types of kites & materials used to build kites

Practical Skills:
* Much of the course consists of practical training and testing your abilities
* Learn how to get started 
* Turning & changing direction using the wind 
* Read the topographic conditions and utilize the terrain
* Other information about reading wind patterns
* Safety

Who is this course for?

Beginners of any age and gender! We encourage everyone to try! 

Wear your ski clothes. Bring an extra layer/sweater in your backpack. Helmets are mandatory. If you don’t have your own, please let us know and we will bring one for you.

Generally, we recommend that you have alpine or telemark skis. Snowboards can provide some additional challenges for beginners but work great once you have mastered the first steps.

Our courses are run with the latest and safest gear on the market. You will also receive information about the opportunity to order your own equipment after the course. You can also try kiting on a tube if you wish to be able to transfer your skills to the water during the summer.

All course participants receive 15% off your purchase of new kite equipment.

Are you a group planning to come for the weekend? Be sure to book early to guarantee availability.

We have two types of courses you can choose from: 

Two day course, on selected weekends throughout the winter. For groups, please reserve in advance.

Hourly courses, for those not sure if kite skiing is for you, or if you’ve tried it before and want to improve your skills. Hourly courses are also great for a weekend kick-off activity! 

Book accommodation at the Filefjellstuene Lodge and receive a 20% discount on our kiting courses. Please contact us to receive information on package deals or check out our offers & deals page