Two-Day Courses

Want to book a weekend with family, friends or colleagues? Book now to secure availability! Registration and scheduled dates are shown below. We can also offer more course dates if requested. 

Two-day courses usually run over a weekend. The aim of this course is to get you comfortable with all the safety measures using a kite and to be able to try it on your own next time.

First we will head off to our special kite skiing venue. We will run you through some theory and teach you about good places to kite (along with where to avoid). 

We will begin with the smallest kites to help you get adjusted to the feel and it will be easier for the instructor to run you through the basics. Your instructor will take you through some flying techniques as well as teach you safe landing practice. Each participant will eventually get his or her own kite as well as an area to practice in. We believe 'hands on' is the best way to learn! 

You will also be taught about the structure of the kite, it’s various features and materials it is made out of such as the liner, safety devices, bar (handle), knots etc. This section is very important, as it will for the basis for how effectively you will perform in the rest of the course.

Afterwards you will be matched with a partner and help each other in handling the kite on your own. You will go through the techniques previously shown by the instructor. These few hours will focus on flying the kite on your own but without skis/snowboards on our feet. It’s important to learn the movements of the kite first. 

Under normal wind conditions, we hope to be able to try it with your skis/snowboards on your feet day one as well. The first few times we will be careful not to send you too far from the starting point. Our instructors are always careful to ensure you are able to return back to the starting area. 

When we are done for the day, you will receive the Snowkiters Workbook to go through some more theory before the second course day. 

Sunday (day 2), if all has gone well day one and you feel confortable, the goal of day two will be to spend as much time as possible with your skis on and the kite in the air. You will learn how to cross into the wind and maybe even learn a few tricks! 

Courses run from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. each day. 

The exact course location will be dependent on wind conditions. Check out Tyin-Filefjell’s kite spots for more information. Since Tyin-Filefjell has many great kite skiing areas, we are usually able to adapt to changes in weather. 

Prices and dates for two-day kite courses at Tyin

Price - 1950 NOK per person 
(20% discount when you book accommodation at the Filefjellstuene Lodge or see our package deals).

Kite Skiing Course- and Accommodation Packages for 4 or more
Packaged deal with accommodation at the Filefjellstuene Lodge.
Price is 1950 NOK per person with accommodation at our condos.

Price is 2990 NOK per person with accommodation in our luxury cabins including a two-course meal in our restaurant Saturday evening (min. 4 pers together in a cabin).

See the list below for scheduled weekends for the 2014/15 season. Group courses can be set up 7 days a week.

Prices for weekend courses are valid with a minimum of 4 participants. 
If you you are 3 or less, prices follow our hourly courses pricing. There is room for 8 participants in each course. 

Courses run from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. each day. 

Are you more than 8 people? Contact us and we will gladly make arrangements for you. 

For registration and to get more information from your instructor:
Phone: +47 46 665 665 (Tyin Aktiv)


We are looking forward to having you here! 

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