At first snowshoeing can seem quite boring and uneventful - but we are sure after snowshoeing at Tyin-Filefjell your mindset will completely change! With the newest, most modern snowshoes and unbeatable terrain, this is an experience not to miss out on!  

We hold tours throughout the winter for adventure seekers and those looking for an alternative way to workout in the fresh air. Our knowledgeable guides will adapt to your needs to give you the most out of your hike.

For vacationers to Tyin-Filefjell – we can make packages perfect for you. If you’re a group looking for an adventure together, contact us today to book the seamless snowshoeing trip for you and your group’s needs. 

Also, call us to hear about our unique snowshoeing tours with a headlamp.

Duration: 2 - 3 hours, price 450 NOK per person.

Booking: +47 46 665 665 /

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